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Is A Career As A Company Secretary Right For Me?

Company Secretaries have a distinct role in the operation and management of a private or public organization. Company Secretaries usually acquire managerial stance in a company and are responsible for ensuring the acquiescence of regulatory requirements and implementation of rules drafted by the board members of the organization. Roles and […]

Professional Ethics To Be Followed At Workplace

Many of our readers must be joining a new office after college. The transition from classroom to workplace is a big deal and while you have a liberty of thoughts and actions in classroom, a workplace restricts those liberties for better focus on work. It is obvious for anyone to […]

Top Humanities And Art Colleges In India

Humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture. Humanities are generally concerned with the field of social studies or basically anything that does not have a link to science. Art on the other hand deals with the study of creation of people such as painting, literature, dance and music. Although […]

Top 10 Teacher Training Institutes In India

Teaching is deemed as one of the most prestigious and respectable professions in India. Indian culture has a distinct stature for teachers and has taught generations to respect them. The advancement and elaboration of the field of studies has led to requirement of teachers equipped with knowledge and confidence to […]

Health Care Management – A Notable Career Option

With an increase in the health problems and increasing number of patients each year, health care and therapeutic industry is up scaling year after year. This upscale requires more employees and professionals as well as more investment. This enormous increase thus needs to be managed efficiently. Thus, enters the health […]

Highest Paying Jobs In 2015

This is a contradictory piece of information as the remunerations of every profession depends on their experience in the industry as well as the organization they are working for. Moreover, this list does not cover the earning of entrepreneurs, freelance professions and businessmen. The following list offers an insight of […]

Choosing An Engineering College

Engineering, a career sought by more than a million engineering students each year trained in thousands of colleges across the country. This single statistic makes, the significance of choosing an engineering college wisely, abundantly clear. India comprises of a system that churns out as many engineers, more than it can […]

Exam Pattern For CAT

Common Admission Testor CAT is an online examination conducted in India. CAT is the qualifying examination for enrolling in business administration programs offered by 13 functioning branches of Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). CAT score is also accepted across several business management institutions in the country. CAT 2015 will be […]

AIIMS -The Most Prestigious Medical College In India

All India Institute Of Medical Sciences or AIIMS is the most distinguished institution for medical studies in India. The fact that AIIMS was established in 1956 and is almost 60 years old, multiplicates its popularity and reputation. AIIMS, offers its students, a liberal atmosphere. Until recently student attendance was not […]

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Commerce Colleges In India

Our country has numerous commerce colleges. Graduation with commerce as a primary subject is one of the most popular academic choices among students. The commerce graduation course offers proficiency in several topics including Business finance, Business Law, Marketing, Business Economics, Financial Accounting, Income Tax, and Auditing & Cost Accounting. Aspirants, […]

Government Jobs Available In India

Jobs in the Indian Government system are most sought after jobs in the country. Every year lakhs of candidates apply for these jobs, out of which, thousands are offered employment on behalf of their skills. Indian Government has a total strength of almost 5 million employees who work for various […]

How To Prepare For CBSE Board Exams

To crack CBSE Board Exams, it’s essential to follow a coherent strategy. It’s not the right time to clutter your brain with trivial thoughts. Instead, you need to keep a close eye on your goal. Generally, it’s considered that CBSE exams bring stress, anxiety and depression to students. Following guidelines […]


Are you good at painting but need to brush up your skills? If yes!! We have some essential information that you cant afford to miss. A Short Notion On “Painting”: Painting is a centuries old form of art that blends creativity and imagination. Those who love to fabricate their inner […]

Is A Software Developer Also A Software Engineer

Although they have nearly the same set of duties, software engineers and software developers have a very fine line of separation. While software engineers are expected to construct (engineer) units of fully functional codes in any programming languages, software developers are expected to be more a part of the end-to-end […]

Diploma In Industrial Management

Management plays a key role in administration of every enterprise, from automobile to insurance company; all employ the use of management in their trade for improvement in efficiency of their business. Industrial management deals with the labor laws and relationship management at an industryand production end. It resolves the issues […]

Online Courses In India

Now a days each and everything has an online resource, be it shopping, ordering food from a restaurant or purchasing and reading a book online. Contemporary time demands for an online resource for education and certificate courses. Well! Online education is no longer a fantasy. With the advancement in video […]

Development Of Handicraft Industry In India

The last decade has been a witness of the dawning of Handicrafts Industry in India. Affluent as well as middle class families are indulging in this beautiful art and are appreciating its artistic value. Handicraft represents Indian culture and tradition both in a beautiful manner at the forefront. Apart from […]

Top Ten B.Tech Colleges In Delhi NCR

Bachelor of Technology or B. Tech is the most sought after course by students after completion of their 10+2 equivalent education. Whereas New Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) are the most popular choice of locality among students for higher education because of the availability of major multinational corporations and […]

How To Be A Model

If you are good looking and have ample height and body measurements that meet the industry standard of modeling, you too can try your hands in this glamorous and rewarding industry. An increase in the demand for branded goods has escalated the competition level between various brands in India, which […]

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The Practice Of Ayurveda Medicine In India

Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu treatment of diseases that found its root in India. Ayurvedic practices include use of herbal medicines, minerals, opium and oils for treatment of various ailments. Ayurveda offers several treatments that revitalize the body and eliminate all the toxicity stored within. Exotic ayurvedic body massages are […]

Exam Pattern For CAT

Common Admission Testor CAT is an online examination conducted in India. CAT is the qualifying examination for enrolling in business administration programs offered by 13 functioning branches of Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). CAT score is also accepted across several business management institutions in the country. CAT 2015 will be […]

How To Control Technology Accessibility Of Kids?

One of the major concerns of parents all around the globe is the overuse of gadgets by their kids. Kids, these days are tech savvy and love to spend most of their time in front of a screen. Several physiological and psychological problems in kids find their roots within excessive […]

Short Term Jewellery Designing Courses In India

Jewelry designing is an art as well as a technical profession of planning, fabricating and furnishing designs for wearable ornaments made of metals and stones. Technological enhancements in the field of jewelry designing poses exigency of skilled and tech savvy designers. We present to you a list of courses that […]

Top Mass Communication Colleges In India

Mass Communication has become quite popular career options among the students, who love to accept the challenge. There are a number of colleges and universities from all across the India offering journalism course, but a mass communication course from any college can’t consider wise decision.Therefore, the aim of this blog […]

Key Duties And Responsibilities Of A Charted Accountant

Nowadays, the demand of Professional courses is full in the swing. And Chartered Accountant is one of the most sought after professional course among the students as it brings a plethora of job prospects. Generally, a Chartered Accountant plays an enormous role to manage company/organization’s financial documentation such as accountant […]

A Career In Banking

In India banking is considered as a secure job. Bank employees are known to have a stable career and lifestyle but that does not implies that banking sector has a dearth of growth opportunities. One can begin his/her career in banking as a probationary officer and bag a designation of […]